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  Phase 2
Phase 2 was launched in Feb 94 and it is located in the famous Kahuta Triangle with one side resting along Islamabad high way and other grand Truck (GT) Road. The Apex is at Rawat and base runs parallel to Soan River. A typical potohar undulation with beautiful view having nice entrance/ exists for all three sides for better accessibility and excellent traffic flow. Phase 2 comprises of 15046 kanals and about 90% of the work has been completed. The development work has already been started with 533 occupied houses and 397 under construction plots at the moment.
  Phase 2 Facilities/ Services
       DHA Grid Station
No breakages, No faults, No fluctuation…Life is good.

DHA Islamabad has marked another milestone step towards better living solutions. Vice President DHA Islamabad Maj General Asif Ali HI (M) inaugurated the first ever "DHA Grid Station" on 16 July 2009 in Phase II DHA Islamabad.

Click here to view the pictures of the event.
       Street and Boulevard
Attractive green belts add to the serene environment; while footpaths on both sides make the cemented roads pedestrian and cyclist friendly. Streets inside DHA Islamabad are 40 feet wide; the boulevards are 130 feet wide allowing easy flow of vehicles.
       Wastewater treatment plant
Waste water treatment and recycling for irrigation purposes based on drip and sprinklers technology.
       Boundary Wall
Pre-fabricated boundary wall designed to enhance security and privacy of the residents.
       Water tanks and tube well
Aesthetically designed overhead water tanks and tube well rooms.
      Underground Electrification
100% under ground electrification of European standards is being ensured. All electricity lines are underground which not only reduce environmental hazards but also make the surrounding quite beautiful. Cables are laid in a trench in groups of three. Each cable trench is a meter deep. Concrete cable covers prevent accidental damage to cables. This will also be well compacted in order to aid the removal of heat.
      Petrol Station
Three petrol pumps, one each of PSO, SHELL and TOTAL are planned each including a spare parts shop, service station, mini mart, compress natural gas facility, workshop and a restaurant.
       Sector Utility Area
Each Sector will have utility areas comprising of:
  • Market, including shops, catering daily needs of residents
  • Mosque with a capacity of 300 people
  • School providing primary education
  • Medical clinic with pharmacy
  • Park and playing area
  • Jogging tracks
      Educational Facilities
Four lots have been earmarked for school/college level institutions, one of them specifically for special education. In addition four school buildings have been constructed in the local centres, two of them are being utilized for primary education by Roots School System, these will subsequently be upgraded to high school.
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